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Softub Spas® provides a unique solution to water therapy with a portable, low maintenance, quiet, and comfortable alternative to hot tubs. Located in South Portland, ME, Softub Spas also serves nearby areas in southern Maine. Contact us using the form below, or call (207) 405-0301 to schedule an appointment.

Meet The General Managers

Hi! My name is Kurt Hamel. My wife, Kayla, and I run the local Softub store here in South Portland, Maine at the South Portland Mall. We have lived in Maine our entire lives and always say that we can’t go anywhere without running into someone we know. In this small world, we may just know you too!

Our first time seeing a Softub Spa was on our wedding night, and Kayla got the bug to own one and put it right next to our pool. In fact, on every trip we have gone on over the years, Kayla always looks for hotels with hot tubs.

Here in Maine, a pool costs a whole lot to run for a very short season. Buying a hot tub meant racking up even more electric costs. So, Kayla and I came to a deal that was designed to keep my house from having one. Knowing very well it would be impossible in this climate I told her we could get one “if you can find one that truly costs less than $50 a month to operate.” After all, the typical hot tub salesperson will tell you theirs would cost about $50 a month to operate, and my research told me that number was a whole lot higher in New England.

Naturally, I figured there was no way she’d find something! I’m sure you can guess what happened next. Unexpectedly, her Aunt gave us a Softub as a gift since she knew how badly Kayla wanted. She also knew about my concerns and told me there was no reason to worry. She even said it’s likely I wouldn’t even notice a change to my electric bill. You can probably imagine just how awestruck I was when that first electricity bill came, and there was hardly any change.

At first, there I was, Mr. Skeptical and a non-hot tub lover, using it more than my wife did. Even today, you will find Kayla and me in our tub every night around 9 pm. After a few years of ownership and both being raving fans, we noticed all of our visitors would always ask the same question: “How can we get one?” So, in October of 2015, we started selling them.

This is the ideal product for us New Englanders. It’s portable, completely insulated, and very energy efficient. These are all perfect characteristics when taking into account the costs of heating our homes and driving our vehicles to get everywhere. We have a great location in the Maine Mall where you can see all of our sizes, colors, and accessories to make your backyard your dream oasis. We even have one all set up and running so you can see it in action. Give us a call to make an appointment and we would be happy to show you just how great they are in person.

Thanks for visiting our website! We can’t wait to welcome you to the Softub Family!

Kurt & Kayla Hamel Portland Softub GM

Kurt & Kayla Hamel

Softub Spas® of Maine General Managers

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