Softub Spas® Factory Store of Maine

Since 1986, Softub Spas® has provided a unique solution to water therapy with a truly portable, low maintenance, quiet, and comfortable spa that not only plugs into a 120V standard outlet, but also weighs less than 88 lbs and heats without a heater. Located in South Portland, ME, Softub Spas also serves nearby areas in southern Maine. Contact us at (207) 405-0301 to schedule an appointment.

Setup As Simple As 1,2,3

Can easily be setup by just one person!

Softub Setup 1

Weighing 88 pounds or less, even the largest model can easily be rolled through standard doorways, up and down stairs, inside or outside, and across lawns by one person.

Softub Setup 2

Simply align the three connectors, turn, and tighten. Fill your spa with water from the garden hose, then plug the GFCI power cord included into any dedicated 15 amp outlet.

Softub Setup 3

Enjoy the ultimate luxury of stress-free tranquility, the rejuvenating effects of warm water massage, and the indulgence of soothing your mind, body, and soul.

Easy-to-Use Sanitizing System

FROG Ease Water Sanitization Product

Softub Spas has eliminated the necessity for a degree in chemicals to allow you to take care of your water needs. We believe everything about owning a Softub Spa should be as “Simple as 1, 2, 3”, and that includes simplicity of water care long after your purchase.

How many times have you heard horror stories from spa owners which all seem to end in them proclaiming, “This hot tub is just too much work!” To help Softub Spas owners never have an experience like this, we are setting out to change that by proudly offering the FROG @ease Floating Sanitizing System.

FROG @ease combines sanitizing minerals and SmartChlor Technology to kill bacteria, two ways, with up to 75% less chlorine. The result? Fresh Mineral Water® that’s silky soft, has far fewer odors than other water, and is self-regulating (meaning it is the easiest water to maintain)! Plus, it knows when more sanitizing power is needed and automatically delivers it.

Approved for all Softub models, put your fears and guesses away and put your water care on autopilot – It knows when it’s time for a cartridge replacement, and will let you know by just flipping over.

Our Product Selection

For over 30 years, Softub Spas has heard from happy owners who describe our unique hot tub spa as “The world’s most comfortable, most affordable, most portable, most energy-efficient, and lightweight hot tub.”

6 Reasons To Own A Softub Spa


It’s so light, it can be easily rolled into place. You are never limited to one location. Installation is so easy and NO tools are required. Rolls through any standard doorway or gate.

Heats Without a Heater

We developed a technology that incorporates the pump motor and heating unit into our single HydroMate® system. You can operate Softub Spas for about $15/month.


Available in eight designer exterior colors that complement any décor. It’s hand-crafted and rigorously tested to the highest standards.

Designed to Withstand All Environments

We use marine-grade vinyl to ensure years and years of enjoyment. Bring on the sun, rain, frost, and snow and enjoy your Softub Spa every day!

Everything Included

Softub Spa, HydroMate® Power Pak, Sealed High Density Insulated Cover, Security Locking Straps, Underwater LED Illumination, and a Therapy Seat.


Softub Spas are constructed for unsurpassed comfort. The soft, yet incredibly durable design of the PolybondTM interior provides comfort for any position. No assigned seating, hard, or slippery surfaces or hidden depths.

I am so blown away on how efficient, comfortable and easy to maintain the Softub Spa is. If you can operate a microwave you can operate and maintain a Softub Spa.

Hilary S.

Satisifed Softub Spa Customer

Softub Testimonial

Our Hydromate® Technology




Chronic Pain

Sleep Disorders

And More!

Simple is Better

From humble beginnings in a small shop in Los Angeles, CA, Softub Spas is now a worldwide corporation with factories on both U.S. Coasts and Canada, and has distribution in 50 states and over 30 foreign countries. The primary reasons for the great success of Softub Spas is the truly unique, break-through product concept and the devotion and diligence of hundreds of talented, dedicated employees, dealers, and distributors. Softub Spas spas are hand-crafted unlike traditional spas. Located in South Portland, ME, our group at Softub Spas® also serves nearby areas in southern Maine. Contact us at (207) 405-0301 to schedule an appointment.